Report: Jaguar to take on Tesla with electric F-Pace

Report: Jaguar to take on Tesla with electric F-Pace

A full-electric model is on its way from Jaguar, say some industry insiders, expected to be based on the F-Pace SUV that is in the works.

With the recent Zero Emission Vehicle legislation spreading throughout the US, a full electric model is an important addition to the brand's lineup, as well as an anticipated growth in electric luxury model demand. A little competition for the arrival of Tesla's Model X SUV can't hurt, either.

There is potential for a full-electric Range Rover, as well, which could easily be a more plush version of the F-Pace. All around, high-end electric vehicles have several factors working in their favor. Not only do they have smoother, more refined driving dynamics to add to the luxury appeal, those that find luxury models the most appealing also tend to be those most interested in electric vehicles. This all makes it more justifiable to spend what it takes to make an electric model.

Source: AutoCar

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